Table 5.

Perceived Barriers to Diabetes Prevention by Attitude Toward Prediabetes

Perceived Barriers to Diabetes PreventionTotalPositive Attitude Toward PrediabetesLess Positive Attitude Toward PrediabetesP Value
Medication compliance.0002
    Not a barrier/somewhat of a barrier41.143.837.7
    A barrier/extreme barrier39.44137.2
Patient acceptance of prediabetes diagnosis.0001
    Not a barrier/somewhat of a barrier46.050.639.5
    A barrier/extreme barrier29.929.430.8
Insurance coverage of education for patient.09
    Not a barrier/somewhat of a barrier31.834.629
    A barrier/extreme barrier52.351.153.2
Patient ability to modify lifestyle.19
    Not a barrier/somewhat of a barrier15.016.813
    A barrier/extreme barrier79.578.281.2
Time needed to educate patient on diet and lifestyle change.03
    Not a barrier/somewhat of a barrier16.419.213.2
    A barrier/extreme barrier75.373.278
Insurance coverage for glucometers for patients.22
    Not a barrier/somewhat of a barrier45.246.843.6
    A barrier/extreme barrier33.433.932.8
Economic resources of patients.3
    Not a barrier/somewhat of a barrier21.423.119.9
    A barrier/extreme barrier71.97172.5
Sustaining patient motivation.25
    Not a barrier/somewhat of a barrier11.61310.4
    A barrier/extreme barrier83.281.585.3
Time for patient follow-up.06
    Not a barrier/somewhat of a barrier26.329.123.2
    A barrier/extreme barrier55.652.959.5
    Not a barrier/somewhat of a barrier.06
    A barrier/extreme barrier23.822.425.5
    A barrier/extreme barrier10.69.212.5
  • Data are percentages unless otherwise indicated.