Table 1.

Items Used to Create Attitudes Toward the Prediabetes Index

The national guidelines and recommendations for diabetes prevention focused on screening for prediabetes are useful in my practice.
Diabetes prevention should be focused on individuals with lab values indicating abnormal blood glucose consistent with prediabetes.
*Diabetes prevention should be a focus for all patients, regardless of blood glucose levels.
Diagnosing a patient as being prediabetic is an effective way to increase patient awareness of their need for treatment.
*Diagnosing prediabetes is misleading to patients regarding them having a disease.
*Diagnosing a patient with prediabetes risks overtreatment.
Current evidence supports the utility of screening for prediabetes.
Current evidence supports the effectiveness of treating prediabetes.
  • Each item was answered using a 5-point scale (1, strongly disagree, to 5, strongly agree).

  • * Items were reverse coded so that on the summated index, a higher score on the index represented a more positive attitude toward the construct of prediabetes.