Table 1.

Criteria for Rating Apps

Very important criteria (weighted ×3)
    AuthoritySource of rules app uses to determine fertile days
    Accuracy (method)Effectiveness of the method on which app is based
    Accuracy (observations)Accuracy of app in predicting fertile days
    SupportWays to have questions answered
Important criteria (weighted ×2)
    AdaptabilityAbility to enter additional data, use with irregular cycles
    Cost/pricingCost of app, transparency in pricing
    Ease of useEase to learn and use the app and share data
    ConfidentialityPresence of a user agreement detailing confidentiality
Helpful criteria (weighted ×1)
    Developer/sponsorAssociated with recognized FABM provider
    Platforms availableAvailability on multiple platforms
  • FABM, fertility awareness-based method.