Table 2.

Ranking of Fertility Apps Based on Mean Accuracy and Authority Scores*

RankingName of AppFABMPlatforms AvailableAccuracy and Authority Score (Mean)Total Score (Mean)
Apps that predict fertile days (n = 30)
1Ovulation MentorOvulationWeb4.74.4
2Sympto.orgSymptothermal methodiOS/Android/Web4.54.1
3iCycleBeadsStandard days methodiOS/Android4.33.9
4LilyProSymptothermal methodiOS4.33.8
5Lady CycleSymptothermal methodAndroid4.34.1
6mfNFP.netSymptothermal methodiOS/Android/Web4.04.0
7MyFertilityCharts.comSymptothermal methodiOS/Android/Web3.53.7
8CycleProGoSymptothermal methodiOS/Android/Web3.43.9
92Day MethodTwo dayiOS3.33.2
10Ova OvaSymptothermal methodWeb3.33.3
11OvaGraphSymptothermal methodiOS/Android/Web3.13.6
12OvuViewSymptothermal methodAndroid2.72.8
13FemCalSymptothermal methodiOS2.52.2
14OvatempSymptothermal methodiOS2.33.2
15Natural CyclesProprietaryiOS/Android2.33.1
16CyclendarSymptothermal methodWeb2.12.2
17My Fertility MDOvulationiOS2.13.2
18Menstrual Cycle Woman LogRhythmAndroid2.11.9
19Menstruation & OvulationRhythmiOS2.11.2
20CyclesStandard days methodiOS1.72.2
22Period LogRhythmiOS1.11.8
23Period PaceRhythmiOS1.01.7
24Period & Ovulation CalendarRhythmiOS1.01.5
25Pink Pad ProRhythmiOS/Android1.02.3
26Fertility CalendarRhythmAndroid1.01.4
27Fertility ClockRhythmiOS0.71.4
28Woman CalendarRhythmiOS0.71.2
29Fertility & OvulationRhythmiOS0.51.6
Apps that did not predict fertile days (n = 10)
1NFP ChartingOvulationiOS/Android/Web4.34.5
3Fertility PinpointSymptothermal methodiOS/Android4.24.2
4KindaraSymptothermal methodWeb4.04.1
5Groove Fertility ProSymptothermal methodiOS2.73.2
6FEMMSymptohormonal methodiOS2.73.2
7NFP Project CarusoRhythmAndroid2.72.1
8Charting AppOvulationAndroid2.02.3
9Lady TimerProprietaryiOS1.32.5
  • * The data is representative of the apps at the time they were reviewed (Spring of 2015). Current versions of the app may be different.

  • This app had either a perfect score on accuracy (app-defined fertile days = evidence-based fertile days) or no false negatives (days of fertility classified as infertile).

  • Rhythm is not an evidence-based FABM.

  • Glow was originally included in the study because it did not appear to meet the exclusion criteria. However, the developers clarified that the app is not a substitute for an FABM. Therefore, it should not be used by women attempting to avoid pregnancy through the use of an FABM. FABM, fertility awareness-based method.