Table 2.

One-Way Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance Comparison of Intervention Cancer Screening Rates Before and After the Intervention at 23 Primary Care Practices Enrolled in the Practice Facilitation and Academic Detailing Project, 2014–2015

Cancer TargetScreening Rate Before the Project, Mean (SD)Screening Rate After the Project, Mean (SD)F Statistic (P Value)
Breast cancer36.96% (17.44%)49.96% (20.62%)14.17 (0.001)
Cervical cancer35.65% (18.68%)38.85% (20.34%)0.998 (NS)
Colorectal cancer32.74% (16.18%)38.30% (20.80%)15.740 (0.001)
  • NS, not significant at α = .05; SD, standard deviation.