Table 2.

Odds Ratio of Outcomes for Patient Satisfaction, Quality, Access, and Cost, by Panel Size

N = 36Odds Ratio95% CIP Value
Adverse outcomes*
    Patient satisfaction, ≤25th percentile1.610.28–9.25.07
    Quality rankings, ≤25th percentile7.611.13–51.46.04
    Third available appointment, >75th percentile10.911.36–87.26.03
    Cost rankings, >75th percentile0.230.04–1.31.10
    Daily fill rate, ≤25th percentile0.480.11–2.20.35
Positive outcomes
    Patient satisfaction, >75th percentile0.290.03–2.99.30
    Quality rankings, >75th percentile3.560.69–18.47.13
    Third available appointment, ≤25th percentile3.590.69–18.68.13
    Cost rankings, ≤25th percentile1.750.33–9.17.51
    Daily fill rate, >75th percentile0.000.00–0.00.10
  • * If the adjusted panel contains >2959 patients.

  • If the adjusted panel contains <2496 patients.

  • CI, confidence interval.