Table 2.

Decision-to-Implement Worksheet Ratings, by Intervention and Concept

ItemDomain*InterventionCorrelation With Likelihood of Implementation (P Value)
Ask-Advise-Connect (AAC)21Electronic Communications and Home Blood Pressure Monitoring to Improve Blood Pressure Control (e-BP)22Guide to Decide (GtD)20TEAMcare23
Participants (n)7676
Agree or strongly agree that this intervention is:
    Described clearlySimplicity100%100%100%83%−.186 (.363)
    Addressing a common or high priority problem in my practiceCompatibility100%100%43%100%−0.401 (.052)
    Simple to implement in my practiceSimplicity86%17%§29%§33%−0.634 (.001)
    An improvement to the current way of doing things in my practiceRelative advantage86%67%§71%§67%−0.084 (.716)
    Something I could test in my practice prior to fully implementingTrialability71%§83%43%67%§−0.519 (.016)
    Conducted in a setting similar to my practiceCompatibility29%83%43%17%§−0.232 (.325)
    Relevant to my patient populationCompatibility86%83%29%67%−0.281 (.205)
    Modifiable to meet the needs of my practiceTrialability71%§100%43%83%−0.478 (.028)
Level of practice resources needed to implement this intervention (scale: 1 = low, 4 = high)
    Additional training for practice staffCompatibility2.5333−0.338 (.098)
    Changes to workflow, roles and tasks among team membersCompatibility3334−0.191 (.359)
    Technical assistance to modify the EMR or data systemsCompatibility334§2−0.145 (.498)
    New and/or additional financial investment/supportCompatibility23.522.5−0.366 (.103)
    Support from practice/clinic leadershipCompatibility2.5343−0.227 (.276)
Likelihood of implementation (scale 1 = low, 5 = high)
  • * Domains ask the following questions (per Rogers18): relative advantage, “Is the innovation better than what was there before?”; compatibility, “Does the innovation fit with the intended audience, setting, and available resources?”; complexity, “Is the innovation easy to use?”; trialability, “Can the innovation be tried before making a decision to adopt?”; and observability, “Are the results of the innovation visible and easily measurable?”

  • Two “don't know” or blank responses.

  • One “N/A” response.

  • § One “don't know” or blank response.

  • Three “don't know” or blank responses.

  • Four “don't know” or blank responses.