Table 4.

Spearman Correlation of Screening Rates and Post-Intervention TRANSLATE Element Scores After the Intervention at 23 Primary Care Practices Enrolled in the Practice Facilitation and Academic Detailing Project, 2014–2015

Correlation Coefficient (P Value)
Breast Cancer ScreeningCervical Cancer ScreeningColorectal Cancer Screening
Target−0.01 (NS)0.01 (NS)0.16 (NS)
Registry and reminder systems−0.11 (NS)−0.07 (NS)0.09 (NS)
Administrative buy-in0.07 (NS)0.20 (NS)0.47 (0.024)
Network information systems0.11 (NS)0.11 (NS)0.23 (NS)
Site coordination0.47 (0.023)0.72 (0.001)0.37 (0.086)
Local physician champion−0.06 (NS)−0.04 (NS)−0.19 (NS)
Audit and feedback0.28 (NS)0.31 (NS)0.48 (0.022)
Team approach0.20 (NS)0.50 (0.025)0.05 (NS)
Education0.42 (0.048)0.54 (0.014)0.48 (0.021)
Cumulative score0.28 (NS)0.49 (0.030)0.34 (NS)
  • NS, not significant at α = .05.