Table 1.

National Institutes of Health Grant Dollars (in Millions) and Number of Grants Awarded to Departments of Family Medicine from 2002 to 2014

Total grant dollars received by FM, 2014$57 million$76 million$71 million
Total grant dollars awarded by NIH, 2014$28,451 million$38,002 million$32,985 million
Total NIH grant dollars awarded to FM (%)
Total grants received by FM (n)170224192
Total grants awarded by NIH (n)60,22771,77765,603
Total NIH grants awarded to FM (%)0.280.310.29
  • * Differs slightly from the findings of Lucan et al,4 who used data directly from the Office of Extramural Research.

  • FM, family medicine; NIH, National Institutes of Health.