Table 1.

Characteristics of Participating Practices

StateSpecialtyProvidersClinical Staff MembersPatients per Clinician (Mean)
1WIFamily medicine2 MDs1 RN, 3 MAs933
2TNFamily medicine2 MDs2 LPNs, 2 MAs1299
3COInternal medicine1 MD, 1 NP, 1 PA1 RN, 2 MAs2271 (assigned to MD only)
4WAFamily medicine1 MD1 RN521
5NJFamily medicine1 MD0636
6OHInternal medicine3 MDs1 RN, 3 LPNs, 2 MAs886
7PAFamily medicine4 MDs, 1 NP, 3 PAs5 RN, 11 LPN, 4 MAs723 per MD; 884 per midlevel provider
8CTFamily medicine4 MDs4 MAs1041
9AZFamily medicine2 MDs, 1 PA3 MAs2032 per MD; 959 per PA
10CAFamily medicine3 MDs 3 PAs7 MAs1831 per MD; 147 per PA
11MIFamily medicine1 MD4 MAs1629
12MDFamily medicine1 MD, 4 NPs, 1 PA4 MAs3061 per MD; 254 per midlevel provider
  • LPN, licensed practical nurse; MA, medical assistant; MD, medical or osteopathic doctor; NP, nurse practitioner; PA, physician assistant; RN, registered nurse.