Table 1.

Responses to the Pilot of Sociodemographic Questions Answered by 407 Participants at the Department of Family and Community Medicine, St. Michael's Hospital (July–August, 2012)

Questions*Appropriately AnsweredPrefer Not to AnswerDo not KnowBlank/Inappropriate ResponseValid Responses (%)
1. What language would you feel most comfortable speaking in with your health care provider?405020100
2. How would you rate your ability to speak and understand English?406100100
3. In what language would you prefer to read health care information?381212394.3
4a. Were you born in Canada?403400100
*4b. If no, what year did you arrive in Canada?108003973.5
5. In what year were you born?3571703391.9
6. Which of the following best describes your race?400610100
7. What is your religious or spiritual affiliation?3911060100
8. Do you have any of the following disabilities?3152086484.3
9. What is your gender?405110100
10. What is your sexual orientation?3911420100
11. What was your total family income before taxes last year?35141150100
12. How many people does this income support?3432583092.4
13. What type of housing do you live in?400700100
14. In general, would you say your health is…404300100
  • Data are counts unless otherwise indicated.

  • * Follow-up item.

  • Included in valid responses.