Table 3.

Practice-Based Research Network Use of Technology-Based Patient Engagement Strategies in the Past 5 Years

Strategy (n = 39)PBRNs, n (%)
Web-based risk assessments or decision aids20 (37.0)
Waiting room kiosk computers/tablets for risk assessments or decision aids13 (24.1)
Smartphones/personal tablet computer applications for risk assessments or decision aids13 (24.1)
E-mail13 (24.1)
Electronic transmission of vital signs or clinical data (eg, blood pressure, weight, blood glucose)10 (18.5)
Texting to patients (eg, reminders, educational materials)9 (16.7)
EMR portal-based risk assessments or decision aids7 (13.0)
Patient visits remotely with primary care physicians using audio/video4 (7.4)
Texting from patients (transmission of vital signs or clinical data)4 (7.4)
  • Results are based on responses from 39 of 54 PBRN directors reporting use of technology-based patient engagement strategies. PBRN directors identified all strategies used in the past 5 years.

  • EMR, electronic medical record; PBRN, practice-based research network.