Table 2.

Baseline Health Data and Food Security

Health data*
        Mean (SD)9.5 (2.5)
        Mean (SD)33.2 (8.0)
    Years since DM diagnosis
        Mean (SD)8.3 (8.4)
    Insulin use, n (%)
        Yes17 (25.0)
        No51 (75.0)
Food security category, n (%)
    High20 (29.4)
    High/marginal12 (27.6)
    Low16 (23.5)
    Very low20 (29.4)
  • * Most baseline health data were collected directly from all participants (n = 68) at the time of enrollment in the study.

  • Baseline HbA1c (n = 55) and body mass index (BMI) (n = 68) values were collected from the patients' free clinic medical records.

  • Baseline food security scores were calculated for all enrolled participants (n = 68) using the US Household Food Security Survey Module developed by the US Department of Agriculture.11

  • DM, diabetes mellitus; SD, standard deviation.