Table 1.

Summary of Baseline Data*

Demographic data
    Age (years)
        Mean (SD)46.9 (10.1)
        Male37 (54.4)
        Female31 (45.6)
        Black/African American37 (54.4)
        White21 (30.9)
        Hispanic/Latino6 (8.8)
        Other4 (5.9)
Socioeconomic data
        Yes2 (2.9)
        No66 (97.1)
    Subjective ability to pay an FQHC sliding fee
        Yes42 (61.8)
        No26 (38.2)
    Access to transportation
        Yes56 (82.4)
        No12 (17.6)
    Employment status
        Unemployed42 (61.8)
        Part time17 (25.0)
        Full time9 (13.2)
  • Data are n (%) of participants unless otherwise indicated.

  • * Baseline data were collected directly from all participants (n = 68) at the time of enrollment in the study.

  • At the time of the survey, participants did not know which federally qualified health center (FQHC) they were assigned to. Responses represent their self-perceived ability to pay a fee averaging either $10 or $30.

  • Transportation access was not meant to be a question specific to either FQHC.

  • SD, standard deviation.