Table 1. Patient-centered Medical Home Cost Categories: Making Practice Changes and Applying to the National Committee for Quality Assurance for Patient-centered Medical Home Recognition
Nonpersonnel costsExpenses to cover supplies and other fees not related to staff timeApplication fees, website updates, software purchases (eg, Adobe Acrobat, patient satisfaction survey software)
Development phaseStaff time required to develop new PCMH processesDeveloping new report in EHR, creating or writing policies or job descriptions, creating new documents or procedures
Implementation phaseStaff time required for implementing new processesStaff training, incorporating new process such as previsit prevention planning; medication reconciliation; standing orders for flu vaccines, labs, etc.; quality improvement meetings; conducting patient satisfaction surveys; providing enhanced or new care management services
Maintenance phaseStaff time required to maintain new activities after application submittedLogging after hours patient calls, care management visits, quality improvement meetings
Application document preparationTime required to create application documents such as screenshotsTaking screenshots to provide evidence of activities, redacting patient health information from examples, annotating to demonstrate compliance with requirements
External consultantServices provided by staff not on the practice payrollConsultant time to complete chart review workbook, coach time guiding practice through the NCQA application process
  • EHR, electronic health record; NCQA, National Committee for Quality Assurance; PCMH, patient-centered medical home.