Table 1. Tools/Topics Included in the Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit
How to form a team to assess the practice and raise awareness about health literacy
Tools for improving spoken communication
    How to communicate clearly
    How to use teach-back
    Effective follow-up
    Effective phone communications
    “Brown bag” medication review
    How to address language differences
    Dealing with patients from different cultures
Tools for improving written communication
    How to design easy-to-read material
    How to use health education material effectively
    Good signage
Improving patient self-management and empowerment
    Encouraging patients to ask questions
    Helping patients to make action plans
    Improving medication adherence and accuracy
    Getting patient feedback
Improving support systems
    Linking patients to nonmedical support services
    Linking patients to medication resources
    Linking patients to health and literacy resources in the community
  • Adapted from ref. 11.