Table 4. Multivariate Fixed Effects Analysis of Determinants of Reported National Quality Forum Scores By Maryland Multi-Payor Patient Centered Medical Home Program Practices
Chronic Care Domain (n = 52)Preventive Care Domain (n = 52)Mental Health Care Domain (n = 46)
ChangeP ValueChangeP ValueChangeP Value
Change from 2011–20120.14<.00010.15<.00010.34<.0001
Change from 2012–20130.
Practice type
Shared savings eligibility
    30% or 40% (vs 50%)−0.11.01−0.06.15−0.04.48
Patients aged ≥50 years (mean %)
    High (vs medium/low)
Practice size
    ≥6 providers (vs <6)0.09.05
Rural (federal designation)−0.11.03−0.07.09−0.09.26
Medicaid patients (2011) (%)
    High/medium (vs low)−0.14.05
Readmission visits per 1000 (2011)
    High (vs. medium/low)−
  • “High” designates the top quartile of variable distribution; “medium” designates the interquartile range (Q25–Q75) of the variable distribution; and “low” designates the bottom quartile of variable distribution. Bold values denote statistically significant values, at the 0.05 level.

    —, Variable is not included in the model.