Table 3. Costs of Patient-centered Medical Home Recognition via 2011 Standards among 4 Practices
PracticeCosts By Category ($)
Nonstaff* (Application Fees, Supplies)Development Phase* (Creating New Processes, Reports, Policies)Implementation Phase* (Providing Enhanced Care Services)Application Document Prep* (Screen Shots)Total Costs to Apply*§Maintenance Phase (Ongoing Costs for Staff and Supplies), Annualized
1 (Pediatrics)6969,2942,60697513,57110,151
2 (Pediatrics)4197,2493,64913711,4537,789
3 (Pediatrics)5548,6433,48784613,5310
4 (Family medicine)1313,27512,26930315,97723,494
  • Costs are expressed as per full-time provider (nurse practitioner/physician assistant/DO/MD).

  • * Costs accrued from decision date to apply for patient-centered medical home status to application date. The time interval for the activities listed before the maintenance phase ranged from 9 to 18 months in this sample of practices.

  • Includes both new hires and enhanced activities and training for existing staff.

  • Does not include staff time dedicated to uploading and sending application to the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

  • § Does not include practice level consultation costs listed in Table 4.