Table 1. Implementation Steps and Decisions for Patient-Reported Outcome Measures
Implementation StepDecisions
1: Determine PRO content and select a measurement tool1a: Identify stakeholder goals, available resources and barriers for collecting PRO measures
1b: Determine which questionnaire(s) to use
2: Establish local implementation plans2a: Select the patients to be assessed
2b: Determine the setting and timing of assessments
2c: Choose a mode for administering and scoring the questionnaire
2d: Design processes for reporting results to providers and/or patients
2e: Identify aids to facilitate score interpretation
2f: Develop strategies for responding to issues identified by the questionnaires
2g*: Identify local champions and key personnel, and prepare tools and materials for training and implementation across practices
2h*: Establish systems for electronic data capture of the PRO results in structured, discrete fields
3: Implementation and evaluation of the PRO measure3a*: Facilitate and track implementation across practices to ensure adequate data quality, and assess and address barriers
3b: Evaluate the impact of the PRO implementation on the practice
  • * SAFTINet project additions to the International Society for Quality of Life Research patient-reported outcome guidance.39

  • PRO, patient-reported outcome.