Table 2. Growth Curve Models of Trajectory Class, Drinking Goal, and Time on Percent Days Abstinent and Percent Heavy Drinking Days (n = 100)
Num dfDen dfFPNum dfDen dfFP
Trajectory class22169.75<.00122166.76<.01
Drinking goal12165.56<.0512160.26.61
Trajectory class × drinking goal22160.02.9822160.08.92
Trajectory class × time22844.15<.0522843.23<.05
Drinking goal × time128411.67<.0112846.63<.05
Trajectory class × drinking goal × time22847.54<.0122842.14.12
  • %HDD, percent heavy drinking days; PDA, percent days abstinent; Num df, numerator degrees of freedom; Den df, denominator degrees of freedom.