Table 1. Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV) Receipt Among Adolescents By Sex/Age Group and Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Vaccination Status of Older Sisters
Adolescents (unweighted n)HPV Doses Received (weighted n, %)
01 or 23
Females aged 9–12 years*
    No older sister34579165
    Older sister(s), no HPV doses1049370
    Older sister(s), any HPV doses93542917
Females aged 13–17 years*
    No older sister467522127
    Older sister(s), no HPV doses12181127
    Older sister(s), any HPV doses118212752
Males aged 9–12 years*
    No older sister37776204
    Older sister(s), no HPV doses1159820
    Older sister(s), any HPV doses10875187
Males aged 13–17 years*
    No older sister45474206
    Older sister(s), no HPV doses939154
    Older sister(s), any HPV doses116592516
  • * P < .001, comparison of 0 vs ≥1 dose.

  • P < .001, comparison of 0 vs 1 or 2 vs 3 doses.