Table 4. Comparison of Medication Reviews Performed Before and After Implementation of the Brown Bag Medication Review Tool
Item EvaluatedBefore ImplementationAfter ImplementationP Value
Missouri Clinic (n = 27)California Clinic (n = 18)Total (n = 45)Missouri Clinic (n = 20)California Clinic (n = 21)Total (n = 41)*
Prescription medications brought to office visit, mean (SD)0.44 (1.9)1.8 (2.6)1.0 (2.3)8.0 (5.4)5.6 (3.4)6.8 (4.6)<.001
Prescription medications reviewed with patient, mean (SD)3.25 (5.4)3.3 (2.4)3.3 (4.3)7.4 (4.5)4.9 (3.1)6.1 (4.0).003
All prescription medications brought to visit (patient report)7.438.92070.066.768.3<.001
All nonprescription medications brought to visit (patient report)
Problems found with medication regimen25.95.617.840.028.634.2.082
Changes made to medication regimen as a result of the review25.95.617.850.033.341.5.016
  • SD, standard deviation. Data are percentages unless otherwise indicated.