Table 4. Setting/Region and the Odds Ratios (95% Confidence Intervals) for Emergency Department as the Urgent Care Provider
UnadjustedControlled for Patient Characteristics*Controlled for Patient and Health Problem Characteristics
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
    A (UCC)0.7170.665–0.7720.7320.678–0.7890.8260.762–0.895
    B (UCC)0.9830.895–1.0810.9820.893–1.0801.0910.985–1.208
    C (UCC)0.8830.818–0.9540.8910.824–0.9630.9480.873–1.030
    D (UC)
    E (UC)1.0490.964–1.1421.0500.964–1.1441.0390.949–1.138
    F (UC)1.3561.267–1.4521.3861.294–1.4841.5141.407–1.629
  • * Controlled for sex and age.

  • Controlled for sex, age, moment of contact, and symptom/disease cluster.

  • CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; UC, usual care; UCC, urgent care collaboration.