Table 3. Primary Care and Emergency Department Utilization, By Study Group Arm
InterventionControlLogistic Regression
N%N%Odds Ratio95% CI
PC visit(s)
    At least 1 at 3-month follow-up2027.8913.22.521.06–6.02
    At least 1 at 12-month follow-up2129.21319.11.740.79–3.84
Attended initially scheduled visit
        Patient cancelled45.6
        Patient no show4562.5
        Provider cancelled1115.3
For no above:
    Patient rescheduled initial visitN/A
        No, never rescheduled4371.7
        No, patient did not show915
        No, provider cancelled00
     ≥2 PC visits by end of study1013.945.92.580.768–8.66
ED visit(s)
    Any nonurgent visit by 3-month follow-up2534.71927.91.370.67–2.81
    Any nonurgent visit between 3 and 6 months2636.117251.70.82–3.52
    Any nonurgent visit between 6 and 12 months3548.62942.61.270.65–2.48
  • Primary care (PC) appointments and emergency department (ED) visits could only be tracked for encounters within the study's health system. Bold denotes a significant difference between groups at P < .05.

  • CI, confidence interval; N/A, not applicable.