Table 3. Adjusted Associations of the Primary Care Attribute Score with Preventive Care Adherence*
AOR (95% CI)
Mammography2.46 (2.13–2.84)
CRC screen2.74 (2.35–3.19)
Papanicolaou test2.09 (1.78–2.45)
Influenza vaccination1.84 (1.69–2.01)
Annual exam2.38 (2.21–2.58)
Cholesterol test3.55 (3.07–4.10)
PSA test3.28 (2.71–3.98)
  • * Adjustors: demographics, medical skepticism, health behaviors, disease burden, and mental and physical health status as measured by the 12-item Short Form Mental Component Summary and Physical Component Summary scores.

  • A diagnosis of high cholesterol was excluded from this measure's disease burden control variable.

  • AOR, adjusted odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; CRC, colorectal; PSA, prostate-specific antigen.