Table 2. Organizing Principles: Conceptual and Operational Definitions
Organizing PrinciplesConceptual DefinitionOperational Definition
Integration REACHExtent to which integrated services are available to practice populationStrategy for identifying patient need (systematic, clinical discretion). Access to integrated care (limited, broad)
Location of integration workforceProximity of the professionals on the integrated care teamPrimary care and behavioral health colocated; Psychiatrist co-located; PCCs and BHCs located in same team workspace
Approach to patient transitionsStrategies that practice employs when introducing and engaging patients with another professional on the care teamWarm-handoffs and referrals
Establish care pathwaysDetermining the level and type of care practice can provide, including care requiring referral to outside resources. Establish paths for both.Care paths for patients with more serious illness (emotional and behavioral) are identified (yes/no)
Shared mental modelPractice members have shared understanding of practice model for integrationThe majority of practice members talk about and behave in ways that reinforce the same model for integration (yes/no)