Table 3. REACH of Interventions Over a 3-Month Period Among ACT Practices
Site IDMeasure of ReachNo. Target PatientsNo. Patients AssessedScreening REACHa (%)
4Completion of PHQ9, GAD7, and AUDIT655178.5
7Completion of PHQ9, GAD7, AUDIT, and to assess tobacco use187628715.3
10Completion of PHQ9, GAD7, AUDIT, and HbA1c1868160986.0
9Completion of PHQ2 followed by PHQ9 if PHQ2 is positive54649891.0
17Completion of PHQ9 and SBIRT2519149159.2
19Completion of PHQ9, GAD7, AUDIT, BMI, and HbA1c44039690.0
16Completion of a newly developed “Improve your Health” survey88718220.5
12Completion of a newly developed cognitive screening tool called CaPS942343.6
13Referral to behavioral health provider170020612.1
14Referral to a behavioral health counselor14,8791691.1
18Referral to the primary care team773172.2
  • CaPS, Cognitive and Psychological Screen; AUDIT, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test; PHQ, patient health questionnaire; GAD, generalized anxiety disorder; BMI, body mass index; SBIRT, screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment.

  • a Screening REACH is defined as percentage of target patients who were assessed for integrated care.