Table 4. Receipt of Integrated Services for Patients Assessed Over a 3-Month Period Among ACT practices
Site IDMethod of Identifying PatientsMethod to Track PatientsNo. Patients Screened Positive or Meeting Specific CriteriaNo. Patients Received ServicesIntegrated Care Services REACHa (%)
10SystematicCreated new EHR template68917625.5
9SystematicManual261Data not available
19SystematicCreated new EHR template26712647.2
16Clinical discretionManual18014882.2
12Clinical discretionManual333297.0
13Clinical discretionManual4141100.0
14Clinical discretionEHR169169100.0
18Clinical discretionManual1717100.0
  • ACT, Advancing Care Together; EHR, electronic health record.

  • a Integrated care services REACH defined as percentage patients who received integrated services out of those screened positive or meeting specific criteria.