Table 1. The Top 20 Most Frequently Read Practice-based Research (PBR) Articles appearing in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM) special practice-based research (PBR) issues
1.Family Medicine Patients' Use of the Internet for Health Information: A MetroNet Study. (22,886 accesses): (1)
2.Quasi-Experimental Designs in Practice-based Research Settings: Design and Implementation Considerations. (21,809 accesses): (2)
3.A Short History of Primary Care Practice-based Research Networks: From Concept to Essential Research Laboratories. (18,927 accesses): (3)
4.Management of Prescription Refills in Primary Care: An Oklahoma Physicians Resource/Research Network (OKPRN) Study. (18,733 accesses): (4)
5.High Blood Pressure Knowledge Among Primary Care Patients with Known Hypertension: A North Carolina Family Medicine Research Network (NC-FM-RN) Study. (15,378 accesses): (5)
6.Comparison of Point of Care and Laboratory HbA1c Analysis: A MetroNet Study. (14,067 accesses): (6)
7.Primary Care Physicians' Knowledge and Practice Patterns in the Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease: An Upstate New York Practice-based Research Network (UNYNET) Study. (12,105 accesses): (7)
8.The Prevalence of Dysphagia in Primary Care Patients: A HamesNet Research Network Study. (11,810 accesses): (8)
9.How Can Practice-based Research Contribute to the Elimination of Health Disparities? (11,494 accesses): (9)
10.Family Physician's Knowledge, Beliefs, and Self-reported Practice Patterns Regarding Hyperlipidemia: A National Research Network (NRN) Survey. (10,859 accesses): (10)
11.Barriers and Motivators for Making Error Reports from Family Medicine Offices: A Report from the American Academy of Family Physicians National Research Network (AAFP NRN). (10,590 accesses): (11)
12.A Logic Model Framework for Evaluation and Planning in a Primary Care Practice-based Research Network (PBRN). (9,811 accesses): (12)
13.Implementing and Evaluating Electronic Standing Orders in Primary Care Practice: A PPRNet Study. (9,534 accesses): (13)
14.Pharmacy Clarification of Prescriptions Ordered in Primary Care: A Report from the Applied Strategies for Improving Patient Safety (ASIPS) Collaborative. (9,417 accesses): (14)
15.Poor Nutritional Habits: A Modifiable Predecessor of Chronic Illness? A North Carolina Family Medicine Research Network (NC-FM-RN) Study. (9,195 accesses): (15)
16.Barriers, Enablers, and Incentives for Research Participation: A Report from the Ambulatory Care Research Network (ACRN). (9,086 accesses): (16)
17.Developing a Network of Community Health Centers With a Common Electronic Health Record: Description of the Safety Net West Practice-based Research Network (SNW-PBRN). (8,703 accesses): (17)
18.Prevalence, Severity, and Treatment of Community-Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (CA-MRSA) Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in 10 Medical Clinics in Texas: A South Texas Ambulatory Research Network (STARNet) Study. (8,669 accesses): (18)
19.The “Measuring Outcomes of Clinical Connectivity” (MOCC) Trial: Investigating Data Entry Errors in the Electronic Primary Care Research Network (ePCRN). (8,493 accesses): (19)
20.Practice-based Research is Community Engagement. (8,225 accesses): (20)
  • Data source: Access statistics for the JABFM are cumulative from the date of publication, HighWire Press (updated monthly). Accessed June 22, 2015.