Table 1. EHRs and Access to Clinical Information in ACT Practices (n = 11)
Practice IDFederal DesignationOwnershipGeographyEHR(s)Shared EHRAccess to Clinical Information
7NoneClinicianSuburbane-MDs V7.2YesFull
9NoneClinicianRuralGE Centricity V9.5YesFull
10NoneClinicianSuburbaneClinical Works V10.0YesFull
13NoneClinicianUrbanAllscripts TouchWorks V11.4YesFull
14NoneHospital SystemSuburbanHealth Connect (EPIC) V Summer 09YesPartial
4FQHCPrivate, not for profitSuburbaneClinical Works V10.0YesFull
12FQHCHospital SystemSuburbanNextGen V5.8YesFull
16FQHCHospital SystemSuburbanSiemens EDM V24 Siemens LCR V2.2YesFull
Document management system and clinical database (not an EHR)
17CMHCPrivate, not for profitRuralUnicare Profiler V15 (BH) AdvancedMD (PC)NoRestricted
18CMHCPrivate, not for profitUrbanNetsmart TIER (BH) GE Centricity (PC)NoRestricted
19CMHCPrivate, not for profitRuralQualifacts Systems, Inc. Carelogic V5 (BH) Intergy (PC)NoFull
  • Access to Clinical Information Abbreviations: Full, access to all parts of the record granted to primary care providers (PCPs) and behavioral health clinicians (BHCs); Partial, access to only relevant parts of the record granted to PCPs and BHCs; Restricted, restricted access to the record granted to PCPs and BHCs, such that needed clinical information was inaccessible at the point of care; BH, behavioral health; CMHC, community mental health center; EHR, electronic health record; FQHC, federally qualified health center; PC, primary care.