Table 2. Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Results (Participants Submitting ≥2 Reports)
All Participants (n = 1289)Participants With Diabetes (n = 273)
Reports submitted, mean (range)13.5 (2–199)12.0 (2–70)
Readings per report, mean (range)19.3 (0–60)20.3 (0–60)
Time between reports (mean days)56.959.7
Months in the program (mean)14.314.6
Blood pressure (mmHg)
    Average initial home SBP137.6139.1
    Average initial home DBP83.080.7
    Average final home SBP131.2132.4
    Average final home SBP78.776.0
    Difference in SBP/DBP between initial and final HBPM report−6.5/−4.4−6.7/−4.7
Percentage of BP < target*
Change in percentage at target from initial to final HBPM report18.815.4
  • * Target = home blood pressure (BP) <130/80 mmHg with diabetes; home BP <135/85 for all other patients.

  • P < .001.

  • DBP, diastolic blood pressure; HBPM, home blood pressure monitoring; SBP, systolic blood pressure.