Table 2. Logistic Regression Models Estimating Limited Health Literacy against the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine, Revised
ModelDemographics OnlySILSBHLS
Difficulty with Written InformationConfidence Filling out Medical FormsHelp Reading Hospital Materials
PredictorsOR95% CI*P valueOR95% CI*P valueOR95% CI*P valueOR95% CI*P valueOR95% CI*P value
Sex (reference = male)
Race (reference = white)
Education (reference = high school)
    <High School2.571.364.84<.011.971.023.79<.012.511.334.74<.
    >High School0.350.220.56<.010.370.230.61<.010.370.230.59<.010.350.210.56<.010.370.230.60<.01
Difficulty with written information (SILS) (reference = rarely/never)
Confidence filling out medical forms (SILS) (reference = quite a bit/extremely confident)
    Not at all/a little bit/somewhat1.350.872.12.19
Help reading hospital materials (SILS) (reference = rarely/never)
Goodness of fit statistics
  • * For 95% confidence interval (CI) values, the lower limit is set on the left and the upper limit is on the right.

  • AIC, Akaike information criterion; AUROC, area under the receiver operator characteristics curve; BHLS, Brief Health Literacy Screen; OR, odds ratio; SILS, Single Item Literacy Screener.