Table 4. Mother's Report of Their Children's Illnesses or Responses to Common Exposures
Reported Illnesses or Responses to ExposuresChildren With ADHDChildren With ASD
OR95% CIP Value*OR95% CIP Value*
Reactions to vaccinations that prompted a call to the doctor0.750.32–1.7.4843.71.8–7.5<.001
Ear infections requiring tubes placed in the ears1.40.8–2.2.2421.71.1–2.7.020
Multiple infections requiring prolonged use of antibiotics1.740.9–3.2.0724.92.7–8.6<.001
Sensitivity to odors such as smoke, nail polish remover, exhaust, gasoline, air fresheners, or cleaning supplies. By sensitive we mean, does this child become nauseated, get headaches, have trouble breathing, feel dizzy, or try to move away from the odor?2.001.1–4.0.0413.51.9–6.8<.001
Exhibited food allergies or intolerances1.070.6–1.8.7903.32.1–5.1<.001
Strong food preferences/cravings such as cheese, chips, bread, pasta, rice, sugar, salt, and chocolate2.001.3–3.1.0034.83.2–7.5<.001
Became sick from an environmental exposure0.490.12–2.1.3202.20.77–7.8.176
  • Analysis was adjusted for marital status and comorbid conditions.

  • * P values compare cases to controls. Bold values indicate statistical significance.

  • ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; ASD, autism spectrum disorder; CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.