Table 3. Logistic Regression Models Estimating Limited Health Literacy against the Newest Vital Sign
ModelDemographics OnlySILSBHLS
Difficulty with Written InformationConfidence Filling out Medical FormsHelp Reading Hospital Materials
PredictorsOR95% CI*P valueOR95% CI*P valueOR95% CI*P valueOR95% CI*P valueOR95% CI*P value
Sex (reference = male)
Race (reference = white)
Education (reference = high school)
    <High school2.
    >High school0.400.250.62<.010.430.270.67<.010.420.270.67<.010.410.260.64<.010.440.280.67<.01
Difficulty with written information (SILS) (reference = rarely/never)
Confidence filling out medical forms (SILS) (reference = quite a bit/extremely confident)
    Not at all/a little bit/ somewhat1.611.032.52.04
Help reading hospital materials (SILS) (reference = rarely/never)
Goodness of fit statistics
  • * For 95% confidence interval (CI) values, the lower limit is set on the left and the upper limit is on the right.

  • AIC, Akaike information criterion; AUROC, area under the receiver operator characteristics curve; BHLS, Brief Health Literacy Screen; OR, odds ratio; SILS, Single Item Literacy Screener.