Table 3. Average Quick Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory Symptoms Scores for Mothers of Cases and Controls
Mothers of Children With ASDMothers of Children With ADHDMothers of Control Children
Total scale score31.67*21.8632.92*21.0423.5320.94
    Problems with muscles, joints, such as pain, aching, cramping, stiffness3.19*3.123.02*
    Problems with burning eyes, airway, breathing, coughing2.88*3.072.80*
    Problems with heart or chest2.32*2.841.752.621.262.01
    Problems with stomach or digestive tract3.253.053.31*3.122.572.99
    Problems with ability to think, difficulty concentrating, remembering3.58*3.054.47*3.432.512.98
    Problems with mood, tense or nervous, depressed3.99*3.074.83*
    Problems with balance, numbness in extremities2.472.822.553.051.932.84
    Problems with head or face4.013.114.71*3.443.483.01
    Problems with skin, rash, hives3.12*3.022.792.952.192.81
    Problems with urinary tract or frequent urination2.93*3.042.643.182.172.79
  • Items are scaled from 1 to 10, then summed across items for the total score, with a total possible range from 0 to 100. The range for mothers of control children was 0 to 83, 1 to 93 for mothers of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and 0 to 95 for mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

  • * P < .05.

  • SD, standard deviation.