Table 5. Recommendations for Reducing Exposures
Instead of Using…Try Using…
Pesticides indoors or on lawns; mothballsBaits or traps to control bugs indoors (avoid attracting bugs by tightly sealing foods, including pet foods)
Paints, varnishes, glues, and polishes with high solvent contentPaints with low solvent content, water-based finishes and glues (have these applied when you are away from home)
Bleach, ammonia, disinfectants, and strong cleaning products“Elbow grease,” soap and water, baking soda and vinegar
Scented products, perfumes, air fresheners, and incenseUnscented cleansers, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, and cosmetics; organic essential oils
Hair coloring, permanents, hair spray, or any aerosol productNew haircut and unscented hair gel or styling products that do not require spraying
Dry cleaning, odorous soft plastic toys, or mattress coversWashable toys, bedding, and clothes
Odorous flooring (eg, vinyl, pressed wood, or particle board) or carpeting, which can also trap allergensCeramic/stone tile or hardwood floors
Commercial foods/beverages that may contain pesticides or other questionable ingredientsOrganic foods and foods without additives or artificial colors
Plastic food containersGlass, stainless steel containers