Table 1. Clinician Interview Questions
  1. We are so glad you have decided to participate in this study. What factors contributed to your decision to participate?

  2. What is your sense of how receptive others in your practice are to getting involved in this project?

  3. Tell me about the general level of support in your organization for practice improvement projects.

    1. When you begin a project, how do you identify patients who are in the target population?

  4. Tell me about opportunities in your organization/practice to engage in other types of provider and staff education?

  5. In general, tell me how your practice uses evidence-based guidelines in the treatment of your patients with chronic disease.

    1. Are you aware of national guidelines for CKD?

    2. Has your practice discussed national guidelines as a group?

    3. Has your practice taken steps to incorporate national guidelines for CKD?

  6. Who do you consider to be at risk for CKD?

  7. Do you screen regularly for CKD in those patients you just mentioned who are at risk?

    1. If yes, which tests do you use?

    2. If no, why not?

  8. Which criteria does your practice use to justify a diagnosis of CKD?

    1. How do you document the diagnosis?

  9. What do you tell your patients when they are first diagnosed with CKD?

    1. How do you describe CKD to your patients?

  10. In general, how do you monitor the care of your patients with chronic diseases such as CKD?

    1. What type of system do you use to track and follow these patients (in terms of need for lab work, preventive services, etc.)?

    2. Describe the process your staff uses to work together to care for patients with CKD.

  11. A lot of practices use performance measures for feedback. What kind of system does your practice have in place?

  12. What challenges do you face in caring for your patients with CKD?

  13. Is there anything else you would like to share about your experiences:

    1. Taking care of patients with CKD?

    2. Implementing practice improvement projects?

  • CKD, chronic kidney disease.