Table 1. Summary of Laboratory Testing Process Improvement Toolkit Contents
Background on Laboratory Testing and Patient Safety∙ Summary of the scope of laboratory testing in primary care
∙ Key points from the literature about laboratory testing, patient safety, and medical errors
∙ Examples of primary care laboratory testing process improvements
Step 1: How Do We Get Started?∙ Quick self-assessment of laboratory issues in practice (checklist)
∙ Planning for a team to lead the improvement effort (checklist)
Step 2: Priority Alignment∙ Tips for aligning laboratory process improvement efforts with practice priorities
∙ Priority alignment assessment (worksheet)
Step 3: Making It Real & Preparing for Change∙ Tips for successful launch of the improvement effort
∙ “Preflight” communication reminders (checklist)
Step 4: What Is Your Current Process for Laboratory Testing?∙ Overview of how to map current laboratory testing processes
∙ Process mapping guidance (step-by-step instructions and example)
∙ Steps to review the process map (checklist)
Step 5: How Are You Going to Fix the Problem?∙ Step-by-step planning guide for developing and implementing an improvement plan (checklist)
∙ Improvement plan template (worksheet)
Step 6: How Do You Know If You Made a Difference?∙ Importance of (and tips for) selecting metrics to evaluate the success of the improvement plan
∙ Measurement selection planning tool (checklist and worksheet)
Step 7: Make the Change!∙ Planning tips for executing the improvement effort (worksheet)
Step 8: Did We Improve Our Lab Testing Process?∙ Guidance on reviewing data and planning for next steps
∙ Steps to review and use improvement data (checklist)