Table 6. Suggestions for Novel Oral Anticoagulation Discontinuation Prior to Planned Surgical Intervention46,47*
Creatinine Clearance (mL/min)DabigatranRivaroxabanApixaban
Low RiskHigh RiskLow RiskHigh RiskLow RiskHigh Risk
>50≥2 Days≥3 Days≥2 Days≥3 Days≥2 Days≥3 Days
30–50≥3 Days≥4 to 5 Days≥2 Days≥3 Days≥3 Days≥4-5 Days
15–30Not indicatedNot indicated≥3 Days≥4 DaysNot indicatedNot indicated
<15No official indication for use
  • * No important bleeding risk and/or adequate local hemostasis possible. Perform at trough level (ie, ≥12 hours or 24 hours after last intake).