Table 2. Reported Duties of Medical Scribes, By Study
Arya et al25∙ Dedicated service to only one emergency department physician per shift
∙ Create, transcribe, and complete documentation of the patient's medical record
∙ Communicate laboratory and radiography results to physician in a timely manner
∙ Complete medical documentation as instructed by physician
∙ Document time of procedures, calls from physicians, and timeliness of events
∙ Chart narratives, such as course of events in the emergency department
Koshy et al26∙ Dedicated service to a limited number of select urologists, working with only one physician per shift
∙ Record medical information throughout the patient–physician encounter
Bank et al27∙ Dedicated service to a limited number of select cardiologists, working with only one physician per shift Review records before shift and generate preliminary notes
∙ Summarize pertinent clinical visits, hospitalizations, and medical history
∙ Modify progress note and search for additional information at physician's request
∙ Enter diagnoses, revise problem list, complete follow-up request form, type patient instructions, document level of service, complete after-visit summary
Bastani et al28∙ Dedicated service to only one physician per shift
∙ Document the initial history, review of systems, and physical examination Record all procedures, consultations, and reevaluations
∙ Document electrocardiogram, pulse oximetry, and rhythm strip interpretation
∙ Detail diagnoses, treatment plans, prescriptions, and discharge/follow-up information
∙ Track laboratory and imaging tests, keep a task list, cross-check consultations, and follow admission requests
∙ Complete all charts before the end of shift
Allen et al29∙ Medical documentation services to all clinicians (excluding first-year residents) working in a designated area
∙ Provide medical documentation services, including history of present illness, review of systems, physical exam, lab results, and medical decision making
∙ Complete charting of the emergency medical record