Table 1. Characteristics of Primary Care Physicians Who Are Registered to Use the Service and Left a Comment Between April 15, 2011, and December 31, 2013, Those Who are Registered and Have Yet to Submit an eConsult, and the Entire of Sample of Primary Care Physicians
CharacteristicsPCPs Leaving a Comment (n = 137)PCPs Who Have Yet to Submit an eConsult (n = 160)All PCPs* (n = 357)
Female sex73.7 (101)68.1 (109)73.1 (261)
MD provider type78.1 (107)72.5 (116)78.2 (279)
Rural practice location11.7 (16)11.9 (19)10.6 (38)
eConsults submitted per PCP (n), median (IQR)8 (4–17)N/A6 (2–12)
Years registered for the service (n), median (IQR)1.20 (0.63–2.23)0.93 (0.42–1.97)1.14 (0.48–1.97)
  • * Total includes PCPs who submitted an eConsult but chose not to leave a comment.

  • Data are % (n) unless otherwise indicated.

  • eConsult, electronic consultation; IQR, interquartile range; NA, not applicable; PCP, primary care physician.