Table 1. Ambulatory Asthma Action Plan Committee Team Members and Role Descriptions
Team Members (n)Credentials/Type (n)Role Descriptions
Physician leader (1)MD, PhD (1)Oversaw the development and implementation of the eAAP; principal investigator of research project that partially funded the work
Project manager (2)MBA, PT (1)Coordinated team to meet goals and keep the project on track
MHS, PA-C (1)
Content experts (2)MHS, PA-C (1)Incorporated the 2007 NHLBI asthma guidelines into the eAAP's recommended stepwise treatment options
BSN, RN (1)
Clinical advisors (8)MD (6)Provided feedback regarding usability, functionality, and accessibility with regard to patient care and work flow
RRT (1)
MSN, RN (1)
Programmers (5)RN (1)Built the platform of the program into the EHR
BA/BS (5)
Information services (5)BBA, RRT (1)Handled technical challenges blending clinical and application areas
BSN, RN (3)
BS (1)
Quality specialists (5)MHS, PA-C (1)Ensured the integration of appropriate care measures into the tool; team of nurses supported its use in the field
BSN, RN (2)
BS, RRT (1)
Administrators (2)MSN, RN (1)Supported system-wide expansion
BSN, RN (1)
Evaluation support (3)PhD (2)Provided research and data analysis for outcomes measures
MSPH (1)
Pilot sites (5)Pediatrics (2)Provided initial feedback during the experimental phase before the system-wide launch
Family medicine (2)
Teen specialty (1)
  • eAAP, electronic asthma action plan decision support tool; EHR, electronic health record; NHLBI, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.