Table 2. Mean Practice Clinician Survey Scores for General Questions and Associations with Summary Quality Index Clinical Quality Measure Performance
Questionnaire ItemItem Score Across Practices, Mean (SD)Adjusted Correlation with SQUID-CQM*
Use of EHR functionality
    EHR-based update form for patients to review their status on CQMs49.8 (28.2)0.20
    Registries for population management60.1 (24.6)0.32
    Web portal for patients to reinforce their clinical quality goals44.8 (32.1)−0.11
    After-visit summary to educate patients about their progress on CQM goals69.4 (21.7)0.19
    Maintain up-to-date problem lists82.9 (13.6)0.14
Clinical QI strategies
    Medication reconciliation at each patient visit88.3 (12.8)0.13
    Medication refill protocol77.6 (20.1)−0.04
    Point-of-care laboratory tests74.5 (20.7)−0.05
    Request patients have laboratory tests before visits66.6 (18.9)0.14
    Follow up with patients who do not complete recommended services64.9 (16.8)0.21
Beliefs about EHR and QI activities
    EHR is helpful in achieving high-quality clinical care72.7 (14.1)0.29
    EHR is customized in practice to facilitate high-quality clinical care71.4 (14.9)0.34
    EHR is difficult for you to use to achieve high-quality clinical care58.6 (15.5)−0.25
    Practice has financial burdens using EHR to achieve high-quality clinical care47.1 (18.2)0.07
    Participation in PPRNet motivating to achieve high-quality clinical care63.6 (22.1)0.26
    Assistance from REC helpful to achieve high-quality clinical care36.5 (18.5)0.12
Practice administrative QI strategies
    Members review CQM performance reports71.2 (19.2)0.17
    Members know the practice's improvement priorities74.7 (16.3)0.30
    Members work consistently to achieve improvement77.3 (14.6)0.16
    Members evaluate progress together70.5 (17.7)0.28
    Leaders seek team members' assistance and input regarding decisions63.5 (21.2)0.29
    Staff incentivized toward higher performance52.4 (22.7)0.14
    Providers incentivized with rewards for achieving high performance39.0 (24.3)0.07
    Regular staff meetings with entire team to discuss rationale for decisions72.1 (21.1)0.34
    Leadership shows commitment to improving meaningful use of EHR77.2 (18.4)0.33
    Test a variety of approaches using EHR to achieve high-quality clinical care58.5 (16.0)0.07
  • * The correlations presented are partial correlations between practices' mean survey item responses and their Summary Quality Index (SQUID) clinical quality measures (CQM) scores. The correlations are adjusted for the mean number of chronic conditions among the practices' patients.

  • P < .05.

  • EHR, electronic health record; PPRNet, Practice Partners Research Network; QI, quality improvement; REC, regional extension center; SD, standard deviation.