Table 1. Scope of Practice for Primary Care Scale Elements and the Percentage of Family Physicians taking the American Board of Family Medicine Maintenance of Certification for Family Physicians Examination Performing each Element (n = 10,978)
ElementUrban (n = 8,838)Rural (n = 2,140)
School health3.94.9*
Emergency care12.330.7*
Geriatric medicine96.598.6*
Women's health68.374.2*
Hospital medicine29.753.0*
Occupational and industrial medicine25.643.0*
Adult medicine98.298.7
Major surgery1.04.6*
Office surgery50.264.9*
Musculoskeletal problems72.576.1*
Pain management42.753.2*
Palliative care28.252.1*
Care for children81.090.9*
Adolescent medicine87.593.2*
Pre -operative care54.263.9*
Post-operative care27.341.7*
Mental health58.066.9*
Sports medicine34.143.7*
Urgent care62.266.8*
Care for newborns54.067.4*
Prenatal care13.319.5*
  • * P for Chi-Square test < .05.