Table 3. Care Management Direct Reimbursement by Care Manager Type
Care Manager TypeNurse (LPN and RN) 2.45 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)Social Work 0.6 FTERegistered Dietitian 0.9 FTE
Care manager evaluation and management0$5,870.16$32,405.85
Allied professional visit$12,662.26$1,790.28$733.61
Medical nutrition therapy00$2,287.15
Total revenue collected$29,082.32$9,928.83$51,151.76
Per FTE$11,870.33$16,549.72$56,835.29
Per patient enrolled$69.24$84.86$302.67
  • LPN, licensed practical nurse; RN, registered nurse; FTE, full-time equivalent.