Table 1. Proportion of Solo Practitioners and Small Practice Sites in Primary Care*
All Six States (%)Connecticut (%)Idaho (%)Kansas (%)Tennessee (%)Utah (%)Washington (%)
Practice site size defined by number of physicians
    Proportion of physicians at sites with 1 physician132014112078
    Proportion of sites with 1 or 2 physicians65706261745255
        With 1 physician46504341553440
        With 2 physicians19201920191815
Practice site size defined by number of clinicians
    Proportion of clinicians at sites with 1 clinician814661145
    Proportion of sites with 1 or 2 clinicians53624847603947
        With 1 clinician34422628382232
        With 2 clinicians19202219221715
  • * This table includes all practice sites in the region that have at least 1 primary care physician; about 12% of these practice sites have both specialists and primary care physicians. Data are based on author analysis of data from SK&A. Practice site size is defined by the total number of physicians or clinicians who practice at the site, not just those in primary care.

  • Clinicians include physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.