Table 2. Bivariate Analysis of Visits With Family Planning Actions and Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Family Planning*Records With CVRFsRecords With No Chronic DiseaseTotal Records (n = 6787)
nWeighted %nWeighted %nWeighted %
At least one action38717.477817.1116517.2
No actions178882.6383482.9562282.8
  • * Family planning action defined by (1) reason for visit related to family planning, (2) diagnosis related to family planning, (3) family planning–related procedure code, (4) counseling for family planning and contraception, or (5) contraceptive medication listed.

  • Cardiovascular risk factors (CVRFs) include diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, or tobacco use.

  • Wald χ2 = 0.06; P = .81.