Table 3. Documentation Scores for Individual Criteria
CriteriaDocumentation Score, % (n/N)
Items evaluated once during the entire audit period
    Cardiovascular risk factors96.7 (145/150)
    Identified BP goal18.7 (28/150)
    BP goal communicated to patient10.7 (16/150)
    Patient is treated with monotherapy when appropriate (stage 1 HTN)100.0 (67/67)
    Patient is treated with combination therapy when appropriate (stage 2 HTN or stage 1 HTN with comorbidities)97.7 (83/85)
    Fasting lipid profile*92.6 (138/149)
    Patients with diabetes or CKD screened for urine albumin*68.8 (53/77)
    Serum creatinine*96.7 (145/150)
    Blood glucose*96.7 (145/150)
    Hematocrit*69.8 (104/149)
    Serum potassium*96.7 (145/150)
    Serum calcium*96.7 (145/150)
    EKG performed at any point78.0 (117/150)
Items evaluated during multiple visits
    Absence of BP control mentioned in progress note when applicable88.7 (63/71)
    Discussion of lifestyle modification documented for at least 50% of visits in audit period22.0 (33/150)
  • * Measured within the past 12 months.

  • BP, blood pressure; CKD, chronic kidney disease; EKG, electrocardiogram; HTN, hypertension.