Table 2. Characteristics of Practice Sites that Provide Primary Care by Size
Sites With 1 ClinicianSites With 2 CliniciansSites With ≥3 Clinicians
Community characteristics
    Medically underserved area (%)222118
    Population living in rural area (%)252824
    Median annual household income ($)53,46551,65852,821
Medicare beneficiary characteristics, 2011-2012
    Eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid (%)272624
    Average HCC score1.071.071.04
    Average hospitalizations per person per year (n)0.280.300.30
    Average annual Medicare Part A and B expenditures ($)8,0488,3588,390
Participation in delivery system innovations
    Practices with at least 1 Medicare meaningful user in 2012 (%)131826
    Practices with NCQA PCMH recognition in 2012 (%)259
  • Data are based on author analysis of data from SK&A, Medicare enrollment and claims, National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), Health Resources and Services Administration, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and Area Resource File.

  • HCC, hierarchical condition category; PCMH, patient-centered medical home.