Table 1. Example Actions and Their Primary Intervention Level Suggested By This Issues' Articles
ArticlePotential ActionPrimary Action Level
Edgoose et al1Use the BREATHE OUT technique for difficult visitsIndividual provider
Chicoine & Sulo2Check for urinary retention in people with Down syndrome complaining of urinary frequencyIndividual provider
Thom et al3Train medical assistants as health coaches for chronic illness medication adherencePractice
Phillips et al4Use letters and phone calls to enhance adherence to breast and colon cancer screeningPractice
Scheck McAlearney et al5Give this article to organizational leaders when implementing EHRsIndividual provider
Anderson et al6Document and give ICD code for suicidal ideation and suicide attempts to support appropriate future interventionsIndividual provider with system support
Crump7Document and give ICD code for birth history, in particular preterm birth, to aid prognostication and early diagnosis of associated illnessesIndividual provider with system support
Chu et al8Provide ongoing HIV care without referral to a specialized centerIndividual provider and practice
Wohl9Avoid intrapartum antibiotics unless clearly necessaryIndividual provider knowledge with system support
Rolfo10Explain to appropriate patients new targeted treatments for lung cancer based on genetic markersIndividual provider knowledge